The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan+

lightning-thiefThe Lightning Thief,  By Rick Riordan+

This   is an ancient Greek story that is put in modern times. For example, Mt. Olympus is over the Empire State Building. Mount Tam is over the San Diego Pier. And the underworld entrance is also in San Diego Pier. Percy Jackson is the main character. He gets kicked out of every school every year. Percy is on a vacation with his mother when he is attacked by a monster. His friend Annabeth brings him to Camp Half-blood where he meets many mythic characters and demi-gods and they send him on a quest. I really loved the book because it is exciting and you really love the characters.

Bottom line: It does have fights and deaths. But it is a really good book and you will love it. So yeah, I recommend it. I think this book is for  4th or 5th graders. If you are under the ages I think would be good I would ask my mom to look at it before you do.

Rating: 🙂