Blood of Olympus, Rick Riordan+

In this book, it ends off The Heros of Olympus series. This whole series is amazing but, the Blood of Olympus is probably my blood of olympusfavorite book in the entire series. Like all the other books, it picks up where the series left off. They have closed the doors of death but now still need to defeat Gaea. The gods are having multiple personality disorder because their Roman and Greek sides are warring with each other. This is because the Roman and Greek demigods are at war with each other. The demigods have split up. The first seven are still together but Nico, Reyna, and Coach Hedge are shadow traveling the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-blood to stop the war. Meanwhile, the seven are looking for clues on how to defeat Gaea and destroy the giants without the gods help. Nico, Reyna, and Coach Hedge are able to get the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-blood and stop the war. The Seven come just in time after defeating the giants. But are they able to defeat Gaea?

Bottom line: This book is actually less scary then the last two because they are no longer in the underworld for half the book. As I said before I LOVE this book. One of the best I have ever read. I think it is for 5th and older but well educated 4th graders could read it. Although, if you go by what I say your well educated 4th grader would have to miss two books in the series which would not work, so I do not really know what to do about that one.

Rating: ❤


The House of Hades, by Rick Riordan+

In the end of The Mark of Athena, there is a big cliff hanger. In this book, it picks up where they left off. Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus and have to find the doors of death to get out. But the doors of death also need to be closed from both sides of the underworld and the mortal world. The rest of the demigods on the Argo ll need to get to the doors of death. If they do not close the doors of death, Gaea’s monsters will never die.

Bottom line: It is a bit scarier because they are in the underworld and that is a scary place. I love all of the characters on the Argo ll so much. They are all amazing. It is for 5th grade and older.

Rating: ❤


Book abuse!

I have a kid in my class who always drops his books. When you carry all your books around it is inevitable to drop something. But, do you have to kick it down the hall before you pick it up?! This happens all the time, with multiple people. I hate it even time-to-hit-the-booksmore when its a book I love!! Why do we kick books? Also, I have issues with highlighting and writing in books. Why could you not use a different paper! It is not as bad as writing on a book for no reason. Please STOP abusing books!

Saffy’s Angel, by Hilary McKay+

saffySaffy’s Angel, by Hilary McKay+


Saffy or Saffron is eight years old, and she just learned how to read. She is looking at the color chart and sees no Saffron. Caddy, her big sisters, name is there, Cadmium Gold. Indigo, her brother, his name is there and even the new baby Rose’s name is there as well. She is mad because her name is not there. Then she learns that she is adopted. And her real mother died in a car crash. When her granddad dies, she learns that he left her an angel in his will. The rest of the story tells how her and her friend go to Italy to look for it.


Bottom line: I love this whole series that consists of Forever Rose, Saffy’s Angel, Indigos Star, Caddy Ever After, and Permanent Rose. I think about 2nd, 3rd, and higher would love it.


Rating: 🙂


The Mark of Athena, by Rick Riordan+

The Mark of Athena, by Rick Riordan+download

The Mark of Athena is about how Annabeth, with her friends, finds the Athena Parthenon. In the beginning, Annabeth and Percy are reunited and Jason is back home. While they are at the Roman demigod camp, Leo is possessed by an eidola who makes him blow up a building. The Romans get mad and chase the Argo II throughout the book. I really like this book because like in all the books you connect with the characters. And you really must have the next book ready because this one ends on a giant cliffhanger.

Bottom line: They get scarier, because the characters go into creepier places, as they progress. I really like them. They are still amazing. This one is for 5th grade and older.

Rating: ❤

New Things

I have added some new rating things. Now if you see a plus sign (+)  it means that there is more than one book in the series. Thank you I hope this new improvement will make my blog just that much better! and if you forgot below is the old rating scale with the new thing:

Don’t even think about it: :-<

Bad book: 😦

OK book: :-0

Recommend it: 🙂

Love, love, love: this book: ❤

More than one in the series: + (Up next to the title.)

(Also, the book I am reading right now is very complex and reading more then one book is a good strategy. Unfortunately this book is so complex I will never finish it if I keep trying to read more than one book at a time. So very sorry.)

Forever Rose, by Hilary McKay+

Forever Rose, by Hilary McKay+forever rose blah blah

Forever Rose is about an 11 year old girl who lives in England, so her ideas and words and such are different than American. She finds that on most days, she ends up alone in her house. She has three older siblings, but they all have either moved away or are out doing something most of the time. Her father and mother it seems are divorced but you never really find out in this book. Her mother is pretty much always in the garden shed painting. Rose, in the book, is in class six. Which I figured must be like 6th grade; they just use class not grade. She is home alone as usual when she hears a knock on the door and hides behind the couch. Her brother’s friend, David, stops by and he becomes a bit of a problem. Also her friend Molly comes up with a crazy idea that she sadly goes along with. But everything works out in the end.

Bottom line: It’s a great book. I finished it and read it over again, it was so good. I think end of 5th,6th, and early 7th grade are good times to read it. I think people of all ages will like it, but I just think those ages will like it best.

Rating: ❤

(Thank you to Dr. Nancy Brashear for giving me this book as a gift.)