Book abuse!

I have a kid in my class who always drops his books. When you carry all your books around it is inevitable to drop something. But, do you have to kick it down the hall before you pick it up?! This happens all the time, with multiple people. I hate it even time-to-hit-the-booksmore when its a book I love!! Why do we kick books? Also, I have issues with highlighting and writing in books. Why could you not use a different paper! It is not as bad as writing on a book for no reason. Please STOP abusing books!


New Things

I have added some new rating things. Now if you see a plus sign (+)  it means that there is more than one book in the series. Thank you I hope this new improvement will make my blog just that much better! and if you forgot below is the old rating scale with the new thing:

Don’t even think about it: :-<

Bad book: 😦

OK book: :-0

Recommend it: 🙂

Love, love, love: this book: ❤

More than one in the series: + (Up next to the title.)

(Also, the book I am reading right now is very complex and reading more then one book is a good strategy. Unfortunately this book is so complex I will never finish it if I keep trying to read more than one book at a time. So very sorry.)