The Strange Tales of Ben Beesly, By Matt McNiel

The Strange Tales of Ben Beesly, By Matt McNiel

Tale_of_a_fly_spider_Sanfilippo_McNeilWaverly and Oliver are two flies who live by themselves in a place with spiders and many enemies. One day they see something that looks like a comet fall to earth. It is a fly who only remembers his name, Ben Beesly. His two new friends nurse him back to health. Then his friends get bitten by some poisonous spiders and he needs to save them. They slowly degrade until he has to carry both of them. He goes to the spiders to try to get a cure. Will he succeed?

Bottom line: This is a really good book and deals with some really hard things. The author of this book has two kids named Waverly and Oliver. Both of his kids have Sanfilippo Syndrome or MPSIII. The poison from the spiders has the same effect as the disease. MPSIII is a genetic disorder that you do not know you have until you see symptoms. There is no cure. MPSIII is a disorder where there is a lack of an enzyme that controls the central nervous system. An enzyme is something that speeds up a chemical reaction. They feel that there is no hope for their kids but they want a cure for this disease. All of May 2015 is dedicated to this disease. You can donate money at:

Rating: ❤


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