Saffy’s Angel, by Hilary McKay+

saffySaffy’s Angel, by Hilary McKay+


Saffy or Saffron is eight years old, and she just learned how to read. She is looking at the color chart and sees no Saffron. Caddy, her big sisters, name is there, Cadmium Gold. Indigo, her brother, his name is there and even the new baby Rose’s name is there as well. She is mad because her name is not there. Then she learns that she is adopted. And her real mother died in a car crash. When her granddad dies, she learns that he left her an angel in his will. The rest of the story tells how her and her friend go to Italy to look for it.


Bottom line: I love this whole series that consists of Forever Rose, Saffy’s Angel, Indigos Star, Caddy Ever After, and Permanent Rose. I think about 2nd, 3rd, and higher would love it.


Rating: 🙂