Finally, by Wendy Mass

Finally, by Wendy Mass+

Rory is so excited to turn 12. Her parents said that she could have things like her ears pierced, a phone, babysit, and ride in the front seat. In fact she has a whole list! But things don’t turn out as she imagined. When she gets a 12 Finallyphone, she loses it. And thats just the beginning of many unfortunate events.

But along the way she discovers that random acts of kindness have wonderful consequences.

Bottom line: It’s a really good book. I gave it to my mom, and she was up till 10 P.M. reading it. It keeps you on your toes, and you just want the poor girl to have a break. Also, I am going to be 12 in February, so I am excited.

Rating: ❤


The Bookslapper

Now this is not an actual book. Just a idea. I got it on my game site Roblox. I am in a book group. One person said she didn’t like that books became movies because most of the time the authors don’t get any credit. Another person said that he didn’t like how the directors changed the books. So some girl came up with the idea of a bookslapper. The bookslapper sits next to the director, and every time the director changes something about the story, the bookslapper hits the director with the book he is making the movie about. I don’t think the director would change the movie very much after a while. Or maybe the author would get more credit. You never know!